Junk in the trunk

I’ve been considering making a ‘sub trunk’ modification that would involved cutting out the floor and creating a small box that takes advantage of the space above the fuel tank. ?Having spent about 10 minutes considering it in the garage (after about 6 hours in front of the computer) I decided I will not make the modification. ?It’s something I could technically do later – so for now I just started on the trunk metalwork.

I did realise that I perhaps should have installed the side pieces first and had the bottom pieces sit on top of the side flange bottoms for a neater appearance. ?Yes, I could drill out the rivets, pry the floor off the dried silicon sealer but given that I plan to cover the trunk in carpet it doesn’t seem worth the effort.


Here the arc metal above the trunk is clearly visible. ?It’s that piece that I will be cutting off and repositioning lower down to allow for the ‘dropped butt’ mod. ?More on that later.

21. February 2016 by Jens
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