Less … is more

This weekend was the first real weekend of activity on the car. I’ve struck a deal with Sue that I get until midday Saturday and Sunday on which to work on the car, which I think is pretty reasonable. But of course that also includes prep time, so the first 40 minutes of my first day of assigned work was a trip to Home Depot to get a hand riveter! I bought an air riveter, but I want to do some by hand first.

I’d taken the advice of those on the Cobra build forum and bought a couple of dozen Cleckos. They’re extensively used in the aircraft industry and are essentially temporary rivets. A lot easier than using screws. So this weekend’s accomplishment was no more than the final fit of the engine bay F panels.


Less is more … the photos actually show the car with the cockpit aluminium removed. These were only screwed on by the factory for delivery and have to be sealed and riveted. Before taking them off I marked each panel and pre-drilled many of the rivet holes. It’s a jigsaw to get it back – hopefully my markings will help!



26. August 2007 by Jens
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