Nothing much done on the car since last week – I need to order a load of tools and some front suspension parts. The upper control arms that were on back order arrived this week, now I just need front spindles and then I can assemble the front suspension. Sum total of work this weekend is probably just going to be tidying up and possibly painting some of the bare metal suspension parts to clean them up.

I’ve also started to research wheels and tyres. I know that I want an ‘old school’ look, which means going with 15″ rims, probably in a Halibrand style which was what the originals used, with true knock off spinners. No, that doesn’t mean ‘counterfeit’, but instead of having 4 or 5 lug nuts holding the wheel on, there is a single ‘spinner’ in the centre of the wheel. If you remember the old Aston Martin DB5 in the Bond films, where his spinners came out of the wheel – that’s them! They drive the wheel using ‘pins’ inside that you don’t see (hence pin drive) and the spinners get tightened using a rubber mallet and then wired to the rim for safety. It’s a little more expensive, but a much cleaner and original look.

01. September 2007 by Jens
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