“Can we drive it now?”

With no more to do on the front suspension until I get the spindles, I started on the next chapter, steering. A pretty simple procedure, bolting on a couple of flanges, some bearings and then inserting the shaft. I did have a blond moment when trying to attach the wheel boss. It’s a single piece of milled aluminium and the manual says to attach using a 3/16″ hex key. After rummaging the parts for the right size bolt for about 30 minutes, I realised I already had the right bolt and the manual’s wrong – it’s a 5/16″ bolt.

Anyway, it seems very premature to attach the wheel at this stage, but I think they tell you to for a bit of a morale boost – it’s going to be a car one day, really it will. Bean got a kick out of it anyway, asking if we could drive it now, was it finished? It’s simple enough to remove, so I’ll leave it on for a while.


Unfortunately I’ve reached another point in the build that requires a purchased part – the steering rack. So now I’m really at a wait point – now I need both front spindles and a steering rack.

30. September 2007 by Jens
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