Give me a D

“Give me an E …?Give me an A …?Give me a N …?DEAN! DEAN DEAN!”

Yes, ‘Dean from Meineke’ is the man of the day. My ‘pickle fork’ (aka ball joint remover) arrived from Summit Racing yesterday and I spent another hour with it and my new buddy ‘BFH’ trying to get the spindle off the adapter. After that, I just gave up. So I drove to the local Meineke and asked Dean if he could help. He disappeared into the workshop and came back about a minute later. I thought he was going to say ‘sorry, it broke’ or ‘nope, that’s not coming off’ … but he just held out his hands and gave me two separate pieces! I think I stood their wide eyed, jaw open … realising the HOURS I’d spent trying to get it loose and here it was, finally done.

A smile on my face … back to the task in hand!

A couple of hours redoing everything and I’m now pleased to say that the front suspension is complete. I’ve even roughly adjusted the steering – had to undo the tie rod inner boots, grease the tie rod, and then take a pair of grips to it. Took a while, but hopefully will make the steering alignment easier down the line.

So … I’m no longer staring at the front of the car and have now progressed back to the rear end. I’m back into the ‘need parts’ phase, this time to get the major IRS components, possibly from a Ford Thunderbird. Time to go online and start looking for prices. I think Breeze Automotive is going to get some more business from me – good job I’ve got some gift cards I can redeem.


05. January 2008 by Jens
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