Back in the saddle …

We’ve had some family events that have pretty much taken up all of my funding and time recently, but today I managed to find some time to get back to the car. Having spent a couple of hours yesterday cleaning out the garage after a winter of being treated as a dump-zone, I wheeled the body buck into the driveway. With that out of the way, there’s a surprising amount of room in the garage and it wasn’t long before the car started calling for attention.

The next official work to be done is installing the rear end – the differential, axles, suspension, etc. Unfortunately I’m not at a place yet where I can get that, so skipping forward a little, I spent two hours today working on the cockpit aluminium. There’s a huge amount of drilling and riveting on this car, so any time spent now will pay off when I reach that stage and don’t have to suffer it – it’s tedious work. Last summer when I started the car, I found I was going through drill bits like crazy. The aluminium panels are soft, but the steel chassis is incredibly tough. I felt like I was in one of those bank robbing, drilling out the vault movies … slow and steady.

No picture updates this weekend – I don’t deserve to show off any activity after such a long break. But a lot of holes drilled. Enough to feel that I achieved something.

18. May 2008 by Jens
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