Game On!

I’ve bitten the bullet, made a call to Breeze Automotive and bought a ‘complete rear end kit’. This should give me everything I need to complete the rear drivetrain, suspension, and braking system. Comes with an refurbished 8.8″ traction lock differential housing with 3.55:1 gearing, prebuilt CV joints and axels, knuckles, Ford Thunderbird rear hubs and discs, and all ancilliary parts that I’ll need, from banjo bolts to stainless braided hose. I could have found the component parts cheaper from scrap yards, but I figured it was worth the additional expense to get it all shipped to me … refurbished, clean, guaranteed, and ready to install.

The centre ‘pumpkin’ is cast iron, heavier than an aluminium unit, but as the blurb says, “Recommended for all power levels”, so I can keep that installed if I upgrade the engine at a later date.

23. May 2008 by Jens
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