Fast Forward

Last past, August 3, 2008.

Wow. ?That was 5.5 years ago. ?What happened? ?Well, we moved off Long Island to Dutchess County, NY and have been in our new house for over 2 years. ?The Cobra was pretty much left in a state of suspended animation – the only progress was the layers of dust it was accumulating. ?I bought some wheels for it from a local guy who was upgrading his Mustang, this so I could at least get it rolling and onto a trailer.

The car sat in the garage of our rental house until we moved into the new house to its new home – a 3 bay garage. ?And there it sat gathering more dust.

Until now. ?This week, in preparing the garage floor to be epoxied, I rolled the car out into the light. ?A couple of hours were spent with acetone and rags cleaning off the residue of glue left behind from the duct tape that was holding on the hood (bonnet) and trunk (boot). ?With that done, a quick soaping off and she started looking much better. ?I couldn’t help but put the doors on and must admit to sitting in it for a few moments imagining …


I also snapped my daughter, Lex, sitting in it at the wheel, a beaming smile on her face and almost the same words that Bean spoke all those years ago – is it ready yet?



Once the garage floor is done, I plan to raise the body shell up to?the garage ceiling, get the chassis back on the axel stands and continue where I left off, too many years go, working on the brake lines.



09. May 2014 by Jens
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