Best wife ever

Wifey agreed to help create my ‘dream garage’. ?Phase I is to finish the floor in epoxy. ?We picked out Battleship Grey with fleck from EpoxyMaster – two kits, sufficient for 5 garage bays, so I would get a good cover in my 3 bay garage.

Initial prep work on my part involved renting a concrete prep tool from Home Depot and painstakingly grinding down the surface and vacuuming all the concrete dust. ?Two sessions with that, then blow out the remaining dust with the compressor.

This is what the first half looked like ‘before’:


… and after:


Another 36 hours before I can put a car onto it, but we’ll be moving everything back into that side of the garage before finishing the second half, hopefully this Thursday. ?As you can see here, everything is crammed into 1+ car bays. ?There’s a Cobra behind there too!


Factory Five aficionados will recognise the cardboard box as a Roadster windscreen!

13. May 2014 by Jens
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