While Susan and I were painting the walls of the garage, having done the floor, it was evident that something was needed as a centrepiece. ?I knew immediately what I wanted – a large Cobra logo.

A quick search online located an EPS (digital vector) file that I could blow up to any size. A local print shop in town wanted $700 for a 5′ diameter print – no way. ?Online I found somewhere to get a 6′ print in two halves for about $250 – better, but still too expensive.

I then hung a 4′ piece of paper on the wall – way too small. ?6′? ?No, still didn’t do it. ?I needed to go BIG.

So, deciding on an 8′ diameter logo, I printed it out and taped each piece to the wall.


I then scribed the lines with a screwdriver into the drywall which gave enough of a ‘key’ that I could then draw the lines properly with a pencil. ?Susan is the painter in the house and volunteered to paint it for me – particularly as I don’t like heights and being up a ladder with a paintbrush fills me with fear.

Some in process pictures.


At this stage it’s almost done – a final coat of red and the last grey circle outline and our ‘Opus’ will be complete. ?With that and the incredible floor that is the talk of the neighbourhood, all that remains to make the garage complete is a finished Cobra!


11. June 2014 by Jens
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