So, here I am, inspired again! ?Thanks to some new contacts made through the ‘Upstate Cobra Club’ I met up with another owner in Dutchess County. ?Todd is about 25 minutes north of me on the Taconic State Parkway. ?We met at the weekend and I saw that what he described as ‘the same boat as me’ was anything but – a full go-kart stage, IRS, 5.0, electrics done. ?All he needs is to get the body on, the windscreen, and some final touches to be done.

This weeks’ plan then, was to build a new buck, get the body off and review what I had done, not done, and where to go next. ?Another Upstate Cobra contact about 30 minutes west over the Hudson has offered to swing by and take a look at my build. ?One of my main concerns is that I’m building myself into a dead on on something. ?As an experienced builder he’ll be able to help put my mind to rest or …

I decided that the new buck was be a ‘low’ model, unlike the over-body version most build and that I made last time. It was hard to build, needing three sheets of 4’x8′ full pieces which I have no way to transport. Using SketchUp I modeled a low version that would need only 1 sheet of 4’x8′ ripped lengthwise – I can get 24″ x 8′ lengths into the Magnum. ?It also only needed 4 lengths of 2″x4″, some bolts, and castors.

SketchUp frame

SketchUp buck design

Playing with Sketchup and the Twilight 3D rendering system, another view:

SketchUp render

SketchUp buck render

Rather than 3/4″ ply, I decided to use 1/2″ MDF instead – lighter and easier to work with, other than I now have the ‘Mogwai‘ buck – “DO NOT GET IT WET!” ?Since it’s MDF which isn’t as strong as plywood for sheer, I didn’t cut out the base as per the design. I’m pretty happy with the result.


Buck realisation

With assistance from my Best Wife Ever TM, we lifted the body off the chassis and onto the new buck. ?I cringe a little when I wonder how long now this will be its new home.


Buck – body on

Next, up onto ramps and wheels off.


Another sad reminder of how long the car has been neglected – the discs have a light rust coating. Finally, aluminium panels removed and it’s ready to take a long review of where I am in the build (clearly not very far) and what to do next. ?In all likelihood I’ll start from scratch, going over every nut and bolt, checking all the torque settings along the way.

Finally, the IRS in all its glory. ?Differential is from a Ford Thunderbird Coupe, with 3:55 gearing.

IMG_20140611_174426 (1)


11. June 2014 by Jens
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