There’s no crying in car building

Not a great deal achieved today. ?A shopping trip turned into a somewhat extended day, but I did manage to pick up a set of titanium drill bits that I needed.

DeWaltAn hour this afternoon spent lying contorted under the chassis drilling ‘weep holes’ in the major structural tubing components. ?This to ensure that there’s no standing water left in them at any time. ?With all the small holes being drilled to rivet the aluminium panels into it’s inevitable that some water will get in there. ?At least with the weep holes it can drain and dry out – some surface rust on the inside is unavoidable since the steel is not protected internally (externally it’s all powder coated).

18 holes needed, I managed to get 7 done before the drill battery gave out and dinner was ready. ?Small steps, but productive ones. ?Perhaps I should follow the Seinfeld technique for project management – don’t break the chain! ?I’d forgotten how much fun it isn’t to drill into this steel chassis – each hole takes many minutes to drill, especially when going through the main chassis support rails.

A big day tomorrow – Factory Five’s annual Open House. ?I’ll be packing up the wife and kids at 5:30AM and heading in the Cape Cod direction to Wareham, MA. ?I hope to be there around the opening at 9AM and, weather permitting (it’s currently predicted to thunderstorm) see some great customer cars and pick up a suitcase of inspiration. ?Oh and perhaps some Factory Five goodies too.

13. June 2014 by Jens
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