Browsing casually through Craig’s List last night, as I often do, I have a set of search criteria bookmarked. ?Cobra, Ford 302, Ford 427, Factory Five. ?Last night, for some reason, I decided to search for 351. ?And there it was … like a ray of shining light and a band of angels singing in perfect harmony:

Ford 351w/t5 pullout Cobra complete

I clicked open the link. ?Could this be for real?

Complete rebuilt 351w roller motor and rebuilt T5 pulled from a cobra replica. Has just under 5500 miles on complete setup. Owner upgraded motor and trans for more power. Well maintained. I have video of it running and images of fluids as they were drained. This is a complete setup and has been removed.?

Rebuilt 351w long block, built by same company Ford Reman uses.
Cobra wrinkle black valve covers
Pro Products rpm style intake
Holley 600cfm 4 bbl
MSD Billet Distributor w/steel gear
Red Roush 9mm plug wires
Cobra oval air cleaner
New timing cover
Mechanical fuel pump
Ford balancer
Aluminum Pullies
Roush billet alternator bracket
Aluminum water pump
Power master starter
SFI flywheel
Ford racing king cobra clutch
T5 slip yoke?

Out of vehicle, fluids drained, ready to go.
Any info or questions lmk. Have videos if you want to see running, gauges etc.

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I had to read it 5 times. ?The pictures showed an engine that was so clean it was surreal. ?I emailed. ?I texted. ?I hoped. ?I went to bed and couldn’t get to sleep thinking about it.

Contact made this morning and … after a short exchange of emails, the deal was struck. ?My Cobra has an engine and transmission coming – and not just ‘an’ engine, a 351 Windsor! ?I don’t have any dyno details, but this motor should produce 400HP without a problem, and can be stroked out to a beastly 427ci if so inclined. ?The gearbox is a T5Z, also known as a World Edition, which can handle more power than the original T5.

So, today I made a trip to Harbor Freight, cashed in my 20% off coupon and got myself an engine hoist and leveler in preparation for the new arrival. ?Plans are to rent a pickup on Friday and drive the 75 miles to CT to pick up the engine/tran combo. ?Am I going to be able to sleep the next two nights?


18. June 2014 by Jens
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