This morning was metal work. ?The build according to the manual calls for a standard Mustang handbrake attached to the side of the transmission tunnel on the passenger side. ?I always thought that was weird and many people say that it’s next to impossible to reach when the 5 point harness is strapped tight. ?So I’m going with a top tunnel mounted handbrake (yet to be purchased). ?In readiness for that, the hole in the passenger side aluminium had to be patched. ?I cut a 6×12 piece, bent into shape using the metal brake, and riveted into place. ?I think it came out quite nice.


Next up was installing 4 plastic grommets into square tubing that will insulate the metal body from the fuel tank. ?In typical style, 3 slotted in, 1 refused. ?There was some weld spatter on the inside of the tubing that had then been powder coated. ?Nothing that 5 minutes of grinding with the Dremel couldn’t handle. Until some ordered parts come in, it’s back to the suspension and time to review all the connections and torque settings. ?First up was to check the upper control arms. ?After a mild panic attack that I’d installed one upside down (I actually hadn’t), I started checking the torque settings. ?105lbft for the UCA/frame … check. ?42lbft for the UCA pivot bolts. ?Hmmm … seem to be missing a nut. ?I can only think it fell off during the move from Long Island – added to the shopping list. ?Checking the remainder, all was going swimmingly until a nut didn’t seem to want to tighten, just constantly turning on the thread. ?Argh … it’s stripped as the realisation set in.


Wouldn’t go on, won’t come off. ?So another trek back into the office and order another tool … a nut cracker.

Big day tomorrow. ?Picking up the engine!

19. June 2014 by Jens
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