Today I was going to start working on the pedal box, since the suspension checks need to wait until I get the nut cracker and torque seal.

A few years back, a Wilwood pedal box set came up for sale on a forum, so I bought it. ?Wilwood are a reputable manufacturer of brake parts and since I had no pedal box, it seemed appropriate. ?Today, in reading about installing them, it seems that the pedals I have, which are single piece cast, are prone to snap! ?This is due to the pressure put on them under manual braking and manual clutch, both of which were my plans.

An advisory was issued by Factory Five with some substitute parts to reduce the load on the pedals as well as discounted forged pedals with adjustable pedal pads. ?With a size 11 shoe, these adjustable pedals will be ideal. ?So, an email dispatched to Factory Five to see what is available that I need. ?Pretty much means tools down for today.

22. June 2014 by Jens
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