Torque Seal

Today was one of those days that involved doing something that I knew I’d have to do, but really didn’t want to. ?I had to go over EVERY nut and bolt on the suspension, front and rear, checking the torque settings. ?This was because it’s so long ago I put it together, I couldn’t remember which may not have been torqued to spec.?Well, the good news was that everything was torqued correctly – I backed off?every nut and then retightened. ?Of the few that I’d marked with a Sharpie, they went back to the same place, or?very close. ?Happy about that. ?So I can quickly check the bolts in the future, each is now dubbed with a drop of torque seal. ?It doesn’t prevent the nut from moving, but it hardens and if it does move, the seal cracks. ?I colour coded them too:

  • green = under 50 ft-lb
  • yellow = 50-75 ft-lb
  • orange = 75-100 ft-lb
  • red = over 100 ft-lb

Here’s the passenger side upper knuckle on the IRS:


26. June 2014 by Jens
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