Tools Down

Or, more like, tools broke.?Having reported on the perfect flares I was making, today I decided to start making real lines for the car. ?I’m frustrated that I’m getting no response from Factory Five regarding the replacement pedals I need, so this was my only diversion.?Having measured the first piece I would make, a small piece that wouldn’t waste too much tubing if I messed up, it went into the tool. ?Op0 … complete, to setup the tubing. ?Op1 … complete, to create the initial flare. ?Op2 … in progress … BANG! ?The tool lever came off in my hand and parts flew across the garage. ?I’ve contacted the company – it has to be a bad casting. ?Hopefully a replaceable part – otherwise I’m out $205 for a new flaring tool.

IMG_20140627_161340 IMG_20140627_161043

27. June 2014 by Jens
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