Pedal Car

The engine’s not in, but it has pedals – does that make it a pedal car?

IMG_20141115_143331 IMG_20141115_143407 IMG_20141115_143422 IMG_20141115_143437

Today I installed the Wilwood pedal box which included fitting the dual master cylinders – separate circuits for front and rear brakes with a balance bar. ?The accelerator pedal still needs to be fitted. ?Having bought the Wilwood pedal box off a forum, there are a few pieces missing that I’ll need to source.

Also installed the firewall (not pictured) – drilled, sealed with clear silicone, and riveted on.

The aluminium is still ‘ex-factory’ condition – when it’s installed and before the engine goes in, I intend to polish it up and seal it with SharkSkin.

15. November 2014 by Jens
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