Front Brakes

Front brake calipers from American Muscle with Hawk Performance HPS brake pads went on really easily. ?Drilled out the rivet holes for the flexible line mounts and used the recently ‘repurchased’ pneumatic rivet gun from Harbor Freight. ?I forgot just how easy it makes riveting and is a necessity when using stainless rivets – a hand riveter just can’t take it and the stainless rivet destroys the jaws. Next up will be to form and run the front brake hard lines.



I also decided to change the theme on the blog. ?I was getting to dislike to dark theme, so brightened it up a little.

Reading some recent horror stories about the ball joint coming undone, sometimes after only a few hundred miles, I realise that the torque seal on top of the ball joint is in totally the wrong place – need to adjust that and also consider having a tack weld (or JBWeld) installed to stop it rotating and potentially leaving me with a very nasty scenario on the road.

10. May 2015 by Jens
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