Pedal Box, Part … 3?

Realising that the bolts I had to fit the Forte custom bracket for the Wilwood pedals were too short, I picked up some longer ones last night after family dinner night. Today, after washing the garage floor (clean up after the Magnum radiator became end of life), I finally fitted the?bracket.

Still missing a nut on one of the master brake cylinders. ?Also now attached is the Wilwood master cylinder for the Forte hydraulic clutch after the footbox metalwork fiasco.

I don’t like the attachments that came with the Wilwood brakes for the remote reservoir – they’re a nice blue colour but stick up too high – I need to find something more like the clutch has with the offset hose.

Much of today was spent fighting the serpent that is a 20′ coil of stainless brake line. ?After making a template to run from the rear forward out of heavy copper wire, I ended up just trying to size and shape in situ. ?Using my hands and a tube bender I got it ‘reasonable’.


The lower is still a bit ‘bendy’, just visible at the bottom of the picture, and need straightening. ?I’ll do that once I’ve worked out where it will enter the footbox to connect up to the master cylinder. The advantage of the Wilwoods is ?that front and rear brakes are on completely discrete circuits so should either fail for any reason, I shouldn’t be completely without brakes. I’ve been flaring my own lines – they look good to me, but when I bleed them they may end up dumping on the garage floor and I’ll have to buy some pre-made lines. ?We’ll see.

So back to the front of the foot box. With my car now something of a mixed bag, being a Factory Five Mk 3.05 (a Mk3 chassis with a Mk3.1 front panel), none of the foot box is going to be as designed. ?This means that I’m going to have to do same fabrication, perhaps trimming down the front panel so that it doesn’t flap around and will end up more like the original Mk3 part – which I no longer have. ?Not sure what happened to it, but with 2 house moves since it was put on, who knows where it is.


I’m realising also that life may be far easier had I bought my kit a few months later when a complete kit was available. ?As it is now, I’m building a car from a multiple selection of parts, some of which may or may not fit, and the rest I have to make up and research as I go.



16. May 2015 by Jens
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