Brake Lines … Continued.

After an hour or more yesterday sitting staring at the chassis and trying to bend a piece into shape I finally got what I wanted.? Only taped into place for the moment, but I think it came out OK.


This rear line then runs forward along the outside of the main rail.? Important to not run it underneath in case something hits the underside of the car and rips out the line.


At this stage I decided to not try to run to the master cylinder as I’m still unsure how I’m going to route the line.? The problem I have is that the metalwork for the driver’s side footbox now doesn’t fit together after installing the custom bracket for the Wilwood pedals.? I’m going to have to fabricate some new aluminium sheeting to build out the box.? More pictures on that to come.

Next up was the small loop that will connect the front left brake flexible line to the main hard line.? This was an easy loop and I’m getting the hang of the flaring tool.? The tee joint will be replaced with an ‘all female’ joint, on order.? I probably should have used this one on the rear, directly connected into one of the rear connections, then could have used the all female one here.


With that in place, I used the heavy gauge copper line (visible above) to make a pattern for routing the front right line across the x-member. Note the Breeze Automotive custom stainless battery box.


It was at this stage that I realized that I’d run out of end fittings, so have ordered more. A pity, since it’s a long weekend and the Mrs seems quite accommodating to my working in the garage. Perhaps I can find something else to work on – maybe the fuel tank or even having a go at the bodywork.


24. May 2015 by Jens
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