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Continuing with the brake lines, today I decided to face the front lines. ?Made a rough template with my copper wire, cut a length of the stainless and flared it out. ?Then started the bending. I’m starting to get the hang of it and the degree of frustration is gradually reducing.

The new 3-way brass fitting arrived this week, installed and visible here, connecting the two front wheel lines to the common line to the master cylinder.


Looping around the front across the X-member and then to the passenger side flexible line mounting.


Taped in place for now, but will be held with insulated clips.

With that done, I made the line that completes the front brake line circuit. Flowing along the side, then under the framing and through a hole in the pedal box up and through to the master cylinder.



Now need to complete the final section of the rear circuit which will connect to the rear master cylinder. But of course I’m out of stainless line so another order in to Summit Racing for another spool. Also looking to see if I can find a 90 degree fitting to replace the blue anodised one installed on the master cylinder inlet – it’s really too high once I put the hose on. Not sure what to do there yet.


31. May 2015 by Jens
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