Best laid plans

Although I’m pretty certain no one actually reads this blog, as long as I retain the files it will provide me a record of the many years it took to build this beast.

So, what’s new? Last week I persuaded (hah!) my neighbour Jesse to help me put in the engine. Went in pretty easily all things considered. I’m still waiting for the drive shaft so can’t bolt it in fully yet, but at least it’s in the chassis now and not taking up room in the garage.

Before, waiting to go in. Making good use of the engine hoist.




After, it’s in!



I also managed to get the fuel tank installed – was a bit of a pain, and something I knew was going to be problematic. The tank straps are from the Mustang and are not equal length. Not a problem in itself, but needed some judicial use of the floor jack and an extra long bolt to gradually crank it into final position and bolt in.


The ‘ports’ are covered with tape to prevent anything getting in.

So right now I’m waiting on some parts. The CNC remote reservoirs arrived but the tubes that feed the master cylinders are different sizes so had to order some adapters from Summit Racing. Of course, out of stock. ?I also need to get a section of 3/8″ fuel line and install alongside the brake line. ?I can’t bring myself to spend the $50 for stainless steel when I’ll only be using about 6′ of the coil. I might use standard steel and then use braided stainless hose to the fuel pump on the block and in the back to the tank. Since it’s a carb there’s not a great deal of pressure there – not the same as using an electric pump and fuel injection.

Finally, some ‘craft’ work. I made a car sticker for the Magnum to display my ‘membership’ to the Upstate Cobras car club. It’s an ‘unofficial’ logo since it’s of my own design. I don’t know how long it’ll last against the elements, but I like it.


Oh, and the title reference? I took 3 days off work to spend in the garage. Aside from getting the fuel tank installed, that’s about it. Finding the brake hoses didn’t fit and spending hours searching for ways to resolve it – all got a bit overwhelming, so I put the Cobra aside for a couple of days. It’s 93F as well, so the pool is far more inviting than the sweltering garage.

20. July 2015 by Jens
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