With the decision to use Wilwood master cylinders comes the need to use remote reservoirs for the brake fluid. A couple of options – against the firewall or on the driver’s side rail. ?I’ve opted for the latter. Here clamped into position to see where everything can go. Since it’s custom, I ordered a small sheet of 1/8″ aluminium and cut to size, rounding off the corners to make it more presentable.


Doing so did make me realise that I will have to rivet in the electrical cover and grommet before mounting the reservoir bracket that I made. So a small shopping list of new tools before continuing: a 1.25″ hole saw, a 3/4″ drill bit, and some nice bolts to mount the CNC reservoirs to the bracket. The bracket itself will be riveted to the side rail.

01. August 2015 by Jens
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