Catch Up

It’s been a while since I posted an update – for many reasons, one of them being I’ve been too busy building!

First up, I fabricated the driver’s footbox cover. ?Using the centre of the radiator shroud cover that was cutout, I marked out a template from a piece of paper and marked where the bend would be.



Next, cut out using a jigsaw with metal cutting blade. ?Using the lesson learned from cutting the shroud, this time I wore ear defenders as well as eye protection. ?Deburred the edges with the trusty Dremel.


Next, out came my el-cheapo Harbor Freight metal brake. ?Perfect size for this job, and a perfect bend first time.



Taped into position. ?Lovely. ?All it needs now is a threaded insert (aka nutsert) and a nice knurled knob.


The top is kept in place with rivets that are not all the way in – I need to put some epoxy under them to stop them ‘falling in’ and have some thin cork veneer to put underneath if needed. ?Not sure yet.

In place with the remote reservoirs. ?Shiny shiny.



13. September 2015 by Jens
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