Cool Baby

The radiator is fitted at an angle to accommodate the front of the car. ?It’s suspended at the top by a custom stainless steel bracket and floats at the base to allow for the car bumping around. ?With such hard suspension if the radiator were fixed to the chassis the core would likely break.

Here the fan is attached to the custom shroud (see previous post) and attached to the radiator.


The angle is described in the instructions as ‘approximately?51 degrees’. ?I couldn’t get any more ‘approximate’.


With more work to do, ‘good practice’ suggests a cardboard cover on the radiator to prevent future accidental damage.


Here we see the custom (read ‘how much???!!!!’) upper and lower stainless steel hoses. ?I really don’t like the corrugated metal ones many people use and to just use stock black rubber would be unthinkable.

20150823_193949 20150823_193930

Still to install – the custom stainless steel overflow tank. This will go on the passenger ‘f-panel’. It works by acting as an overflow from the pressure cap (shown above). When the system cools and the pressure drops the coolant is ‘sucked’ back into the system.

13. September 2015 by Jens
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