It’s Electric

The Ron Francis wiring loom looked intimidating when it was all coiled in the box. ?Not ‘easy’ to install, it took quite a lot of do and re-do to find how to route the cables in and around the firewall and footbox. Don’t have any picture – will update later with some, but here we see the end of the rear harness that shows the tail lights, fuel tank sender, and license plate light connections.


Also here, the custom stainless steel fuel filler pipe, yet to be installed. ?(It is now, but not in the picture)

Also started on the more visible items – the dashboard. ?Having ‘invested’ a not inconsiderable amount in the instruments, I decided that I needed a nice ‘vintage look’ ignition key, headlight switch, and horn button. ?The horn here is the black plastic item – to be replaced once Summit Racing delivers.

Love these instruments – all electric, shared power, and very simple connections. The speedo doesn’t even connect to the gearbox – it’s 100% GPS fed. Apparently it won’t work if there’s no GPS signal (obviously) and not sure how I could explain that if caught speeding in a long tunnel for example. ?Also note the reverse reading on the 180MPH speedo. ?I had the same on my TVR.


13. September 2015 by Jens
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