Fire her Up!

There were a few things we’d need to do before attempting a start. ?Most importantly was that we had oil pressure. ?I hooked up the oil pressure gauge and taped it to the dashboard frame. ?It was probably around now that we discovered a number of issues – first up, the oil pressure sensor adaptor was cracked – likely too much enthusiasm on my part. ?Another trip to the hardware store for a part – standard brass fitting. ?Next up – water. ?A couple of holes in the block that needed plugging – one was for a vacuum connection for power brakes, not needed, plug it up! ?Another two for a heater, not needed, plug ’em up!

Are we ready now? ?I think we are! ?Gathered the rest of the family for the momentous (hopefully) occasion. ?Susan, wife, on camera, mother nervously in the doorway, kids (7 and 10) charged with ‘fire crew’. ?Their instructions: if you see anything smoking or burning, shout very loud! ?If needed, be prepared to throw prepared wet towels on the engine and in a major emergency, use the fire extinguisher on hand.

She lives! ?At this point, about 2 weeks later, it’s hard to put into words the emotion that I felt. ?I started building this car about 8 years previously and many, many, times I thought that I would never see this moment. ?Still a lot of work to do, but to hear the car roar into life was incredible. ?I feel myself starting to choke up even now writing about it. ?So many hours, so much work, so much of me is in this car.

And did I mention that the day we got our first start was my birthday? ?I couldn’t have wished for a better gift.

16. October 2015 by Jens
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