Rolling on

My parents had now left, sadly. ?I don’t get to see them in person much and I know my father was itching to get more done on the Cobra.

A couple of days later, I wheeled her out onto the driveway and started checking a few things: ride height (pretty far off), driveshaft (nuts tight), heads (nuts tight), coolant – level good. ?Any excuse to fire her up and listen to that 8 piece orchestra, so with Bean next to me, we fired her up. ?Into gear, rolled forward a few feet, tried the brakes … stopped. ?OK, good. ?Into reverse, rolled a few feel, brakes, stopped, good.

I looked at Bean, and from the smile on my face I think he knew what was coming. ?Before either of us knew what we were doing I was backing out of the driveway. ?Caution thrown to the wind, no evidence available on video for first go kart (unfortunately), we reversed out. ?Lined up, into first, and gingerly eased off the clutch. ?She pulled slowly away, and I mean slowly, a two year old on a tricycle would have taken us. ?A little on the loud pedal and we started around the neighbourhood. ?It’s a 1/3 mile loop – we idled slowly around. ?Checked the brakes a few more times, all good.

As we rolled back to the driveway in front of the house, we pulled up to a round of applause from the neighbours. ?Many knew I’d been working on this and were thrilled to see her moving. ?Others had no idea and were enthralled. ?One local teen asked if he could take pictures.

GoKart 20151006_180007 20151006_180051

16. October 2015 by Jens
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