More Electrics

This weekend’s activity saw the wiring in of the horn, attached to the front of the X-brace. ?No pictures – it’s not that exciting. ?I did, however, completely undo the wiring and relocate all the wires to be more hidden.

Also finished was the installation of the thermostat started last week. ?This involved pushing the car onto the driveway and letting her idle up to operating temperature, which looks to be around 95C. ?Then adjust the thermostat to have the fan kick in. ?It’s a pretty efficient fan and the temperature soon dropped to about 80C. ?I turned it down some more, so it’s now coming on about 85C. ?That may be a bit low – will have to see when I’m actually driving the car if the fan comes on too often.

With some more connectors purchased, my home made wiring harness frame to hold the connections to the custom turn signal stalk went in. ?Pretty happy with that – used some nice hex head bolts so the visible part in the engine bay looks cleaner.


With the dashboard still in, I wired up the remaining gauges: I needed constant power for the clock and the GPS memory on the speedo, a switched power for the volt meter, and a couple of grounds. ?All done.

With that done, the gauges came back out and started work on the Russ Thompson turn signal. ?It’s a customised VW steering hub with a really nice chrome stalk for the indicators and a push button that will be used with a latching relay for high/low beam.

Had to cut out the dash a little to get it to fit – nothing a metal blade in the jigsaw couldn’t handle with some finishing up with the Dremel to tidy. ?All wired into my custom harness. ?Nothing tested yet though – for that I’m going to need to actually hook up the headlights and indicators! ?I think next will be to get the indicator … er ‘indicator’ light and the main beam ‘indicator’ light installed. ?Then get the dashboard mounting brackets made up (the stainless steel rivets I need came this week) and wait for the under dash support piece to arrive (another custom part).


25. October 2015 by Jens
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