Dashboard (Cont.)

Another productive day. ?Installed the under dash support from Mike Everson at Replicarparts, makes an amazing difference to the stability of the dash. ?Not visible here, I’ll take another shot when I have the dash covered.


Completed the wiring (although I?seem to have ‘lost’ a ground connection for the clock).

Russ Thompson turn signal wired in … and tested! ?With the lights on, the indicator stalk kicks lights up the indicator bulb. ?It won’t actually flash until at least one light is wired in as there’s not enough resistance to kick the relay into action. ?With the lights on low, the button on the stalk flashes the high beam indicator and toggles hi/low when the lights are on full. ?The ‘blue’ light for high beam is anything but blue though, it’s way too bright. ?Going to have to fix that – either replace both with LEDs or get a resistor.

It’s annoying that the clock hands don’t light up – one would wonder why they don’t power them like the others. ?Oh well.


01. November 2015 by Jens
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