I was brought up to call it a handbrake. ?In the US it’s commonly known as an emergency brake, probably because most people drive automatics and if you’re resorting to pulling the ‘hand’ brake, it’s probably an emergency.

Anyway – I’ve never liked the stock location of the handbrake and had decided early on that I was going to mount it on the top of the transmission tunnel. ?The handle was ordered way back and it now was installed. ?Lovely.


One thing that I haven’t captured here and really should have done was that I had to weld up a new cable bracket. ?My welding skills are hardly Grade A but I was proud of the bracket I made up – it’s only a few inches in size which made the fabrication all the more tricky, but once made up, edges filed, and painted, it was functional and mounted in the tunnel.

15. November 2015 by Jens
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