Cockpit … revisited

Made a trip to a local garage that is highly recommended by my friends with their high end BMW and Mercedes for an alignment. ?Unfortunately told that I would have to install the wheels and tyres before it could be done. ?So … that meant finally accepting that the time had come to spend a considerable amount of money and order the wheels. ?So an order went out to Richard Oben at North Racecars – custom offsets for the pin drive width, estimated 6 to 7 weeks.

So I decided to work on the seats. ?No rails – we don’t need no stinkin’ adjustment, these puppies will be bolted to the floor. ?Can’t reach the pedals? ?Tough, guess that means you’re not driving my Cobra then! ?Flat to the floor the angle of the seat is somewhat flat, so I cut up some 1″ square section steel and mounted across the front, lifting the front edge a small amount. ?Felt comfortable, but will have to see on the first real drive.

Installed the seatbelts for a bit of fun


… and the kids decided to try them out. ?A quick demo on how to hook up the 5 point latch and an excited exclamation from Lex that it was just like her car seat in Mum’s car. ?Bless her.


29. November 2015 by Jens
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