Viva Las Vegas

With parents in law living in Las Vegas it was time to pack up the family and head west for Christmas. ?Of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Shelby garage!

Here with Lex in front of THE Cobra. ?Yes, this is the very first car that went on to become the famous Cobra. ?The actual car. ?Amazing.

20151226_110742?20151226_111023 20151226_110933 20151226_110954?20151226_110838

A number of other Cobras and Daytonas on display. ?Some of these are factory cars, some are customer cars – the factory still makes what are called ‘continuation’ cars. ?Technically they’re genuine Cobras since made by Shelby American, but they’re all new.

20151226_113134 20151226_113336 20151226_113402 20151226_113436_001 20151226_114042 20151226_114051 20151226_112209 20151226_113128

Can’t forget the incredible GT


Oh, and there were some other Shelby’s there too – Mustangs and other less interesting things. 😉


From there we went into the work area. ?Some customer cars ready for delivery and others being worked on.

20151226_115318 20151226_110757

Visitors are encouraged to sign the wall – probably not visible, but I left a somewhat irreverent comment!



26. December 2015 by Jens
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