With the wheels arrived it was time to get them shod and give the car her new shoes. ?There aren’t many options when it comes to 15″ tyres in the size needed and I opted with Cooper Cobras.

Ordered from a local Mavis tyre centre, I quickly became something of a celebrity customer when the team there saw the size of the rims. ?”What are they going on?” they asked. ?Eyes wide open when I casually said “A Cobra”.

The manager, Chet, went above and beyond, personally cleaning them all before one of his team installed the rubber. ?The white lettering has a blue protective coating that took him a good 20 minutes to wash off. ?Thanks Chet!


With the tyres on, all that remained was to get home, put the wheels on the car and wheel her out on to the driveway to show off her new shoes.

20160116_155902 20160116_155936 20160116_160029 20160116_160112

Yes, they’re fat. Fronts are a 235×60, the rears a monstrous 295×50!


Oh … and I had to promise Chet and the Gang that I’d return with the car when finished!

16. January 2016 by Jens
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