Suits you sir!

With the wheels on and ride height set, I had to check how the wheels fit the wheel wells before going at the alignment again. ?Yes, again. ?I decided that it was going to cost an arm, a leg, and probably a small child to get someone to align the car so decided I’d do it myself. ?I mean, how hard can it be? ?:-D

So, with the help of Susan and Mark, the body went on. ?Didn’t sit well – the dash isn’t in properly, the driver’s seat is too far outboard. ?It looked good though – and that’s all that I really cared about.

20160118_101028 20160118_101039 20160118_101043 20160118_101057 20160118_101131 20160118_101144 20160118_101016

18. January 2016 by Jens
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