Drop … that …. butt

Not ready just yet, but all the trunk metal work is drilled and ready. ?The side pieces shown here with Cleckos are currently off the frame and will need to be trimmed to allow the back of the car body to be dropped. ?Cardboard templates in my future but will have to engage the neighbours to assist with the body on.


Also finished up the driver’s footbox after all the debacle of wrong pieces that started way back when I was trying to fit the Wilwood pedal box. ?With engine side pieces from a Mk3 kit, front from a Mk3.1 kit, and now outside pieces from a Mk4, I’ve ended up with a hybrid – a Mk3.6 by my maths.


I do benefit from the slight bumped out left side which gives more room for the clutch foot to relax. ?Many people install a dead-pedal as a foot rest, but the main tubing falls right by my foot so I don’t really see the need.


27. February 2016 by Jens
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