Reminder … this is a hand built car

… and with hand building comes some very interesting tolerances on welds! ?Moving onto finishing up the cockpit aluminium, I turn to the rear wheel wells. ?One side looks like it’ll go in with some ‘encouragement’ (metal meet hammer and saw), the other side? ?Well, the pictures explain:


Behind the tape, where it starts, is the 3/4″ support bar that runs horizontally back. The cut out in the metal panel is supposed to lay across that bar – as seen here, it’s a good inch out! ?The metal panel is the same (laser cut) as the other side, so I measured the frame and sure enough, the frame is way off on the driver’s side. ?So not sure yet what to do here – likely I’ll have to make up a new piece to fit here. ?More to come on this one.

Next, drilled out the rivets that hold the top of the transmission tunnel sides to allow the top to sit properly. ?Marked out where I’ll have to cut to allow for the top mounted handbrake.



28. February 2016 by Jens
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