Centre console

Many builders don’t rivet in their centre console, opting instead to use screws in case it needs to come off. ?Why? ?Access to the top of the gearbox is about the only reason. ?I opted for a half and half – I riveted it on, but elected not to use silicon sealant on it. ?Rivets are simple to drill out, but once that silicon sets it is very tough to pull something off it and it leaves an awful mess. ?It’ll be hidden under carpet eventually so I’ll have to remember not to glue the carpet over the metal seams, probably use velcro there to hold it down.

I’ve ordered gaiters for the shifter and handbrake – not sure if they’ll fit, they’re designed for a Mini! ?Also coming from England so I’ll have to wait a few weeks before trying them for size and installing the chrome bezels.


04. March 2016 by Jens
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