Drop that butt

Finished up the “dropped butt mod” today – a good day in the ‘shop.

A trip to the local hardware store started my day with some ‘all thread’, four coupler nuts with matching washers and nuts. ?Another ‘here goes’ moment when I had to drill through the fibreglass body to compensate for the body which is now 1 1/2″ lower at the rear. ?Thankfully all went well and the new rods fit. ?Cut to length and some contortionist moves to get under the car without having to remove the fuel tank to get them in.


Mounted the rear quick mounts with the new hardware – looking good.

Next up was to get to the fuel filler cap. ?This is one I’ve been mentally preparing for – and stocking up on tools: the drill press, countersink bit, and with another trip to Home Depot after lunch, picked up some nice stainless steel countersunk bolts with hex heads. ?I didn’t want normal bolts so went the extra mile here – I think it came out really nicely, very happy with that.

What’s better than a drill press? ?A drill press with “frickin’ lasers”!


Here the first countersink has been drilled out. ?Lovely.


Next up was to mount it on the car.


Here showing open with the tight fitting interior cap. ?I think I’m going to replace those ugly screws with some nice stainless cap screws too.


Finishing up – just because – I put in the headlights.


She’s really starting to look like a car.

19. March 2016 by Jens
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