This car is a beast. ?A few laps today of the neighbourhood, I got her out of second gear once, but in second and a bit of ‘poke’ on the loud pedal is enough to get some serious adrenaline running. ?On the road this is going to be an incredible experience.

Even the sun came out for the photos. ?That’s about all I can do now until I can get the body off for the penultimate time (it’ll have to come off for painting, maybe next winter). ?Once it’s off I can fit the final few panels then it’s back on and install the final touches – doors and windscreen.

IMG_20160320_143323 IMG_20160320_143307 IMG_20160320_150413 IMG_20160320_150348 IMG_20160320_150313 IMG_20160320_150253 IMG_20160320_150228 IMG_20160320_150214 IMG_20160320_143401 IMG_20160320_143351

… and finish with a couple of laps. ?I think Mark needs to work on his video skills.

20. March 2016 by Jens
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