I’m getting bad again at the updates – it’s because I’m so close I don’t want to stop!

Since the last post I’ve fitted the front and rear wheel wells. ?I didn’t silicone them as they’ll more than likely need to come off for the paint in a year or so and silicone holds really tight. ?The rears are held on with the original sheet metal screws, the fronts are riveted since they’re visible from within the engine bay. ?The front right side needed some pretty major adjustment, the others all went in as they were which was surprising to me given the modifications I have made to the rear.

Then the body went back on. ?Another shot here, this before doing the wheel wells.


Other work … spent a couple of hours cleaning up the exhausts with WD40 and then sealing the raw steel with some high temperature lacquer. ?From what I read the high gloss will quickly go once they’re heated which is a shame but as long as they don’t rust out I’ll be happy.


The headlights are in but without the chrome ring still. ?All lights are hooked up and the rough adjustments needed to the hood hinge are done.

Battled for some time with the roll bar. ?Not sure I wrote about this yet, but it was a struggle to get installed by myself. ?After much banging and pulling, it was in, but not fully. ?I realised then that it was fouling the front openings in the body. ?The holes are factory cut but not guaranteed to be 100% accurate; that plus the rear mods effectively pulled the body back a bit. ?So out with the hoop and some Dremel work to open up the holes. ?Then went in ‘much’ easier. ?OK, a little bit. ?In … with a great deal of dust from the sanding.


One thing I’ve been concerned about is the height of the bar – having taken 1 1/2″ off to make it fit, I think I’m happy. ?Will need to review the appearance once the windscreen is in as well.


14. April 2016 by Jens
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