As a young adult, insurance was always something that had to be taken into account when looking for a new car. ?Fortunately being a not so young adult has some advantages, cheaper insurance being one of them.

A call to MidWest Classics, a few forms filled, a cheque sent and a phone call made, I’m insured for the princely sum of $400 a year. ?Limited to 6,000 miles but I really don’t see that being an issue.

The official insurance shots. ?Clearly much yet to do: fitting the doors, bonnet, boot lid, interior carpet and trim, bodywork, paint …

IMG_20160425_110219 IMG_20160425_110032 IMG_20160425_110008 IMG_20160425_105944 IMG_20160425_105915 IMG_20160425_105850

18. May 2016 by Jens
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