Screen or Shield?

More catching up on blog posts!

The last major event that had to happen was to install the wind(screen/shield). ?Having ready many, many, web posts where people have worked hard and ended up with cracked screens. ?The culprit seems to be the tiny screws that hold the screen to the side posts being too long. ?So, simplest option, grind ’em down!

I drilled a hole in an aluminium bar, put some washers on a screw to get the right length, then ground them down with a grinding wheel. ?Ran each through a die to recut any burrs and good t to go.


Next up, drill out the mounting bars. ?My helpers (wife and son) held the screen in place while I adopted my contortionist midget form and marked with a Sharpie where the holes were. ?Removed and into the drill press …


Drilled and ready to go.


Midget mode back on and the screen is installed, liberal use of some Harbor Freight body shims to make sure that there’s no stress in the side bars. ?Finally, roll her out into the sun for some beauty shots!

Finally … she’s a car!

IMG_20160424_181630 IMG_20160424_181551 IMG_20160424_181426 IMG_20160424_181406 IMG_20160424_181346

18. May 2016 by Jens
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