Pin striping

The documents have been in the mail 1 week from tomorrow – waiting patiently!

Meanwhile, Bean helped me reset the hood for a better alignment after taking some more off the end with a power sander. ?I’m purposely not taking off much as I’d rather take the bare minimum for things to close and leave the final shaping and fitting to the painter.

Hood in place, I drilled out the holes and installed the hood latches. ?I made a mistake here – one that hopefully only me and Cobra nerds will notice. ?I moved the latches inboard to be more authentic and measured the position from where Factory Five places them. ?What I didn’t do was measure from the right place – I measured to the side and not back. ?Doesn’t mean much without visualization but it means that they’re about 3/4″ too far back, end result being a mounting screw showing inside the hood and having to move the cams back under the hood. ?I’m not too concerned, I can disguise the visible screw with a rubber mount grommet or such.


Today, decided to add some ‘fun stripes’. ?Since the car will be in gel coat for a year or more before being painted, the temporary stripes are in silver metallic Sharpie. ?We’ll be having a ‘finally legal’ party when the time comes and I’ll have everyone sign the car, inside the stripes which will give something of an impression of having stripes.

IMG_20160522_185340 IMG_20160522_185359

Stripe size and positioning is pretty accurate. ?The stripes aren’t parallel but taper in towards the front and rear.

22. May 2016 by Jens
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