It gives you wings!

As mentioned yesterday, some new accessories arrived in the mail this week. ?I missed out on the annual ‘Open House’ at the factory this year, but was able to take advantage of their online sale, snapping up a set of ‘wind wings’ for half price. ?Installed them last night – rolled her out of the garage for some ‘glamour shots’.


Still have the temporary wipers on and the home made sun visor ‘padding’. ?Will come off once I’m through registration. ?I still can’t actually believe I have a Cobra in my garage. ?I left her on the driveway while cleaning out the garage and kept catching myself staring at it. ?All this – and I haven’t even been able to really drive it yet.


Here are some shots of the radiator protection that I installed last weekend. ?It’s honeycombed nomex. ?Right now it’s just jammed in with the nose aluminium – I don’t see any way for it to come out, but may need to give it some thought.


I want to cover up the remaining gaps in the front at the back of the quick jack rods, but not crucial.

I had to let my favourite little girl be the one to make the first ‘note’ on the car. ?Thanks Lex!


10. June 2016 by Jens
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