As previously posted, I’m (patiently?!) waiting on the various processes that I need to go through in order to get the car road legal. ?Initially this includes an inspection by the ‘Division of Field Investigation’ to check that nothing has been used on the car that is stolen or from a previously wrecked car. ?I do have some not-new items, notably the engine/gearbox and differential, but with the appropriate receipts for their purchase all should be fine.

On Monday of this week I received an email stating my inspection date. ?My immediate joy instantly turned to incredulity on reading the email. ?It arrived in my inbox at 11:50AM. ?The date and time of the appointment? ?THAT day, 12:30PM! ?So I was given 40 minutes notice. ?I called and was calmly asked if I’d like to reschedule – seriously? ?”Next Monday is July 4, so the next available appointment is July 11. ?Would you like that?”. ?No, I wouldn’t, but yes, I’ll take it.

To add insult to injury and further solidify just how incompetent this department is, on Friday I receive the written notice of the Monday appointment. ?Remember, this was an appointment for June 27. ?The letter is dated … June 27. ?The letter is postmarked … June 28. ?Unbelievable.

02. July 2016 by Jens
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