So it’s two days before I have my ‘salvage inspection’. ?It’s run by the State Police who will be looking for any stolen items used on the car. ?I have none, well, that I know of. ?The only non-new items on the car are the engine/gearbox (transmission) and differential. ?I have receipts for both from reputable sources, but spent a good couple of hours trying to locate a serial number on the engine.

Finally found one, after much contortionist movement and sliding my cell phone around the back of the engine. ?The problem is that it was stamped with some sort of dot matrix tool and is completely illegible. ?Not defaced in any way, which might otherwise give an indication of trying to erase a previous VIN, just not clear enough to be readable.


I managed to get something out of it by rubbing chalk into it, but it’s still not legible. ?Now I can only wait until Monday and see what happens.

09. July 2016 by Jens
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