With the form in the mail on Monday, it was back to the DMV waiting game. ?So, how surprised was I to receive a letter marked NYS DMV on Friday? ?Tearing it open like a kid waiting for his ‘Allow 28 days for delivery’ cereal box toy, I read with somewhat disbelief … “blah blah blah approval for registration …’. ?I was good to go! ?Well, except I’d need a state inspection.

So straight back to UHaul’s website and booked another trailer for the next day. ?With the registration office closed on the weekend I did the only thing I could do – told my boss I was taking Monday off!

Saturday came, I picked up the trailer, and headed off to a local tire place for the inspection. ?I pulled in and explained what I needed, handing over the forms. The manager went into the office and I started getting ready – make sure my ‘padded’ sun visors were attached, got the heater out of the car ready to plug in and show that it worked. ?As I was starting to attach the manual wipers the manager was back. ?”Where would you like the sticker?” ?Huh? ?He’d already done it – didn’t even look over the car, it didn’t even come off the trailer.

With that, drove home, dropped off the car and returned the trailer.

One more step.

31. July 2016 by Jens
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