State Police Inspection

With a UHaul trailer rented again, I loaded up and set off to the nearest State Police inspection station, about 30 minutes drive north and across the river. ?No drama getting there other than almost ripping off the exhausts trying to get the car onto the trailer. ?I had to use some 2×4 pieces strategically placed to raise the car as needed.

I arrived, nervously got the car off the trailer and went inside. There I found a very abrupt sign that just said ‘wait in the waiting room until called. ?DO NOT KNOCK.’ ?Hmm, ok then, sat, and waited.

A few more people came in and eventually 4 of us were asked to bring the cars into the inspection area. ?The door rolled up and 3 went in ahead of me onto ramps – they were salvage/repair inspections, mine just a basic inspection. ?Left the keys, but didn’t tell them about the ‘secret’ start switch, and went back to the waiting room.

And waited.

Honestly, I think the last time I was so nervous was when my kids were born. ?Does that mean I consider the car my baby? ?Maybe.

And waited.

Some others were called in … through the DO NOT KNOCK door, never to return.

And waited.

The same officer who saw us into the inspection bay came in and asked ‘Roadster?’ ?My time had come. ?I was led through the DO NOT KNOCK door, my heart pounding with nerves. Immediately in the inspection area, the officer handed me a form and started talking. ?What, what was she saying? ‘… is where we marked your VIN, the yellow sticker on the car is here. ?Have a good day.’ ?What? ?That’s it? ?No grilling on receipts, no interrogation on where the engine serial number is? ?No, nada. ?I was done.

Pulled out the back and drove back up to the trailer. ?Got home and put her back in the garage – another step closer. ?Emailed the sheet to Albany, the main DMV office for NY and also put it in the mail.

And waited.

31. July 2016 by Jens
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